This Website is for Travel Agents Only
Huntington is a full service travel network committed to bringing the highest level of quality service to our customers. Our commitment to customers is the reason for our success.

The four cornerstones of our service quality are Reliability, Efficiency, Security and Technology.


Our service to customers does not end with the issuance of tickets. We are there for our clients all throughout after that till the completion of their journey.

Our technological strides have enabled us to serve all customers very quickly at the click of a mouse button.

Huntington has been a consolidator for over 30 years. Our reputation for quality of service in the travel industry is unsurpassed. Agencies can be secured with the knowledge that their customers will have a hassle-free journey when they purchase their tickets through Huntington.

At Huntington, customer convenience is of utmost importance. We use the latest technological advances to provide optimal service to our customers.

Telephone Service

Although, many of your bookings may be made via online booking engine, we feel that a telephone service is a necessary tool to promise effective service.

At Huntington, we do not have an automated phone answering system. Therefore, you will be saved the nuisance of waiting on hold for extended periods of time. This also allows you to talk to your favorite agents at our office.

Huntington believes part of our success is derived from servicing our clients quickly. In 2010 year to date, 98% of all our incoming calls have a hold time of 30 seconds or less.

Online Help Desk

Huntington has adjusted its service as more and more online bookings make up part of our sales. It is for this reason we have created an Online Help Desk. The Online Help Desk is staffed with experts in our online booking engines. They will be able to offer you excellent service for all online booking needs.


Huntington is willing to visit your agency in order to train your agents on what we offer and how to book with us. This training will include instructions on how to use our online booking engines, the products and services we offer, and any other areas that may need explanation.