PNR Transfer

Airlines that may be booked by the agency in their GDS and transferred to Huntington for ticketing are:

Prior to creating the PNR please verify the Huntington fares and rules at or through our call centre. Upon completion of the PNR with payment and fare rule validation, PNR ownership may be released to Huntington for ticket issuance.

CRS formats for transferring the PNRs’ from your PCC to Huntington are outlined below. The formats require the user to have supervisory capability in their respective GDS. You may need to contact your GDS Help Desk for further assistance.

The SABRE entry to release PNR ownership is 6[X]TA/U8D0-NB

U8D0 (Uncle Eight Delta Zero) represents the 4 character Huntington PCC.

NB stands for the initials of person releasing the PNR

The GALILEO/APOLLO entry to release PNR ownership is COQ/26OP/3

26OP (Two Six Oscar Papa) represents the 4 character Huntington PCC.

3 represents the Queue Number.

The AMADEUS entry to release PNR ownership is RP/YTOC4211G/ALL Receive & End PNR.

YTOC4211G is the PCC for Huntington.

The agent must also complete the entry RFSG (RF is the receive field and SG corresponds to the initials of the agent releasing the PNR)

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