About us


Huntington has been in operation since 1973. We have been a full-service wholesaler since 1988. We are located in Mississauga and our team currently consists of over 45 full-time employees.

Huntington is an IATA-certified agency. Huntington is well regarded as one of the most respected consolidators in Canada. Recently Huntington was voted among the top five consolidators in Canada (Baxter publishing).

Some of Huntington's strengths include:
More airline contracts than any other consolidator to the African continent, as well as first-level content and Net Fares to Europe, Transborder, the Middle East, South Pacific, Asia, Latin America, and South America from all gateways in Canada.

A strong desire to work aggressively with our agency partners.

Strong airline relationships some lasting more than 25 years.

10 years average experience for our travel consultants. This is extremely beneficial when it comes to knowledge about complex Net Fares, airline contracts, GDS specialists, airline alliances, groups, ticketing, and specialized knowledge of all major destinations. This experience is also important in building around the world and complex itineraries for our customers.

Override commission on many airlines in the economy, business, and first.

Very beneficial rewards program.

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